Well it was time for my next scene and man did I walk right into the fire! I got in the room and there I see my cousin Misty (like my 4th cousin or something) Now don’t get me wrong… she may be family, but she’s fucking hot!!! This scene was so wrong on so many levels, but I go to admit it turned me on in a huge way!!!!
To make a long story short, Let’s just say I wound up keeping IT in the family … Literally !!!

Well After my last few shoots, I was a bit worried at what type of girl the directors had in store for me this time. Man was I surprised. This girl was hot! Not only was she exotic looking, but she had the most amazing ass… and my job was to fuck it HARD!  After an awesome BJ, she just bent over, lifted her dress and said “Joe fuck my ass hard!” She was an anal whore! Well, not wanting to slack, I performed my duty! There is nothing like a tight warm snug ass to blow your load into…